Mortal Showers Bring Eternal Flowers

A Savior Is Born

From Brianna-

I made this video combining the video clips of videos produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The feeling I wanted to share through this video was how glorious the day of the birth of the Savior was. It was the beginning of a mortal life that would change the history of the world. Because what He did in mortality would touch every page of eternity. He was born to humble circumstances, that is for sure. But He was destined for glory that would surpass all that had ever been seen. He would heal not only those in His mortal ministry… the blind, the sick, the deaf. But also you and I. He was born, He had come. He who would die so that we could live. and not only live, but live in happiness.

A Savior is born.

Please note that if you’re viewing this in your email, the video will not show. But you can view it on the actual blog page. Merry Christmas, much love to you all


2 thoughts on “A Savior Is Born

  1. Rod Rivers

    Thanks for lifting upward and bringing us along.
    My testimony of His life, His example, His Atonement, His Resurrection and His unconditional love transform me when I am low and takes me to higher plains than I am able to ascend without Him!

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