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Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

From Brianna-

Happy Thanksgiving from our family! To celebrate, we thought we’d give you this…. a behind the scenes look at all the little videos we make. This is what goes on in our house… and also on shopping trips…..

I am extremely grateful to be celebrating Thanksgiving this year. Not only because I am full of good food, but because my heart is truly full as well. This has been a blessed year for us.

Thanksgiving this year has me so grateful for good people. They are everywhere. Some of them you see, and some of them are in the corners where no one looks. But they are there. What was interesting for me to realize is that these good people come in many different forms. At St. Jude I walked the halls with people from cultures I had only read about in National Geographic and yet as I stood and spoke with them I could see the similarities that ran through us. From across nations good people stood beside me in line in the cafeteria, in the pharmacy and in the play room at the hospital. Everywhere.

St. Jude is a place that has impressed upon my mind images I will never forget and feelings that will play the strings of my heart forever. It is a place where thousands of people are brought from every corner of the earth and placed under one roof to fight together for the same thing. Survival. For themselves or their loved ones. Cancer does not place boundaries on cultures or social status.

We are of one heart and one mind. Maybe not of the same language, holidays, traditions, or family situations. But we have one purpose that has brought us together.

I am grateful for the Savior. He is the very the personification of goodness. I testify of Him with all the energy of my soul, because truly He is the energy of my soul.

There may be times when we look around and good people seem to be gone in the world. But there is light in this world, no matter how much darkness cries out. There is light, and it is burning in you.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. What are you grateful for?





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