Mortal Showers Bring Eternal Flowers

Team Scott, LETS DO THIS


So lets do this.
Cancer isn’t cheap. It costs a lot when it takes away your health and costs a lot to bring your health back.
When we showed up at St. Jude in Memphis with nothing but a hope to be cured and the clothes in our bags, we didn’t pay anything for the treatment at St. Jude. Why? Because you paid for it for us. You bought my brother’s life with your donations. I don’t have the words to thank you. But I do have the words to ask for you to keep on saving those lives. As Danny Thomas, founder of St. Jude said, I’m not afraid to be a “proud beggar.” Not ashamed to beg for these precious children I’ve loved and watched fight.
St Jude is a hospital built to save lives and does its best to save everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Because who can put a price on a life?

So how can you help? Our family is going to be participating in the marathon on Saturday. You can donate money in the name of Team Scott (click on the picture above or the picture below). It’s all going straight to St. Jude, and every dollar counts.


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