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Growing a Garden and Growing Hair

From Brianna

Well, to prioritize according to importance I should first tell you that the surgery went well. The port was removed, Scott stayed in a wheelchair for only about 10 minutes afterwards and then he got up and started walking around and eating everything he could find. Apparently surgery can make a person very hungry.

We drove up on Thursday the day before the surgery. It was our birthday and with our family road trips are always a worthy party. I am very grateful for another birthday with Scott. I grew up thinking everyone who had a twin was happy because its just so awesome! After a while I realized that some people in this world who have a twin don’t like it, and that surprised me. I am not only so blessed to have a twin, but I’m extra blessed to have a twin who is my best friend. It’s actually really interesting that two people who are so different can at the same time be completely in tune with each other. Our differences rarely have reason to clash but rather compliment each other very well, I think. If you know us well, then you’ve probably seen this over and over again. It can be really entertaining to watch actually 🙂


Going back to St. Jude post treatment was good and at the same time very strange. We got there late that night, so there weren’t a lot of people there. It reminded me of all the nights and weekends our family would play games and watch movies in the silence of a hospital gone to sleep.

Without thinking I knew exactly where I was going and where I was because I know those halls and rooms and everything so well, but it was like seeing it for the first time too. I noticed every little thing that had been changed while we were away. The new chairs, the new paintings. Those little things seemed to remind me that just as life had not stopped in Georgia when we came to St. Jude, life at St. Jude did not stop when we went home to Georgia.

When a family returns to the hospital for scans or checkups St. Jude houses them in the temporary housing of Tri Delta Place on campus. This is also where the newest families are housed within the first week or so of their treatment until more long term housing can be found for them. Staying at Tri Delta Place Thursday and Friday was probably the strangest. It awakened memories of our first few days of St. Jude that I had forgotten. Memories and emotions that in a way were like reliving the experience. It made me remember how grateful I am. Also remembering some of the fun times. Like racing elevators in Tri Delta Place and causing general mischief. Our family has not been forgotten there, especially by the housekeeping. Surprisingly they seemed glad to see us again.

A year ago, we took this picture the day Scott had his port placed.

2014 Day of Port Placement

2014 Day of Port Placement

This last week, as we loaded in the car we were ready to drive off and head home after getting out of surgery I looked up and saw this statue and of course I made everybody get out of the car and take another picture. So we asked the valet parker to do us a quick favor and change professions to photography for a moment to take our random family photo.

2015, Day of Port Removal

2015, Day of Port Removal

One of the most obvious differences is the photo quality. But looking past that I was surprised by how much could change in a year. And really, how much can change in a day. Days are so precious. I say that often, but really I forget until I sit down here again and look back through the pieces of our lives and remember just how important every breath is. Our journey was not simple, but our burden was so blessedly lightened. Our road truly was easy compared to many of the families I have had to watch go through cancer. Honestly this week I have just told myself over and over again: There are some things in life that do not matter- Those little shallow problems that seem so deep only because they reflect myself. So many of the things in life that cause ‘stress’ simply do not matter. And often its not until I get the news that another child has died or another person diagnosed that things are snapped back into perspective. There are some things in life that truly do not matter… and there are some things in life that matter so, so, so very much that are forgotten.



Can you see the hair growing in?

Can you see the hair growing in?

"Oh, something shiny!!!"

“Oh, something shiny!!!”


So, whats next for the M Family? Well right now we’re putting in a huge garden in hopes of growing most of our own food since we will be continuing our diet. We’re also looking into adding a cow into the family… Which I’m sure will be a new kind of adventure.

Life is short, my friends. Often much too short for some people. But life can be good. Life is good.

Life is ours.


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  1. Nancy swainhart

    So thrilled to read this and hear that things are going so well for Scott and the whole family. Your writing is so poetic and inspiring, and the pictures are great. We love you all and wish you the best this summer (with the garden, the cow, and fun times) and always. Love, Swainharts

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