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So This Is Life

From Scott

I’m finally home and all I have left to remind me of it are some scars and a port ( that’s coming out on May 22🙂 we got some bees yesterday and they are doing well we went to prom and it was ok. Getting back to school and a more normal life. It’s not the life I had but it is a life and where there is life there is change and hope. My arm is getting stronger but it bothers me in the mornings. Man, I sound like an old man 🙂 but oh well. I Did some driving in a neighborhood next to where I live and I think I did ok but there aren’t many cars thank goodness and I think mom only got 2 gray hairs from it 🙂 well till next time!

From Brianna-


I’m still getting used to it honestly. It’s wonderful, and very different. It’s been a while since we updated you! Since our last post, our lives consisted of moving back to our little Georgia ranch house and enjoying the wonderful “Christmas everyday” of going through all the packing boxes and wondering how all this junk has compiled so fast. After a few days at home, we loaded into the car and drove back to Memphis for a port removal surgery. But after having his blood tested, they found his platelets were not the ideal. Platelets enable your blood to clot, so you can probably assume a high number of platelets is preferable for surgery! The surgery was rescheduled for May 22, by which time Scott’s platelets will be much higher. Scott is looking forward to getting it out and living a full summer without it. Also, the When I Go video is almost finished! Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures! If you still have a picture, feel free to send it in, we’d love to have it! We are hoping to have the video posted within a day or two. Thanks for being patient 🙂

We got home just in time to enjoy Mormon Prom with some good friends. It would be an understatement to just say it was fun 🙂 It was a great thing to come home to.


It has been good to be home. I’m not sure I quite understand it yet, I still feel ready to jump on a plane at any moment. It wasn’t until the other day that I finally unpacked, telling myself that I’m here to hopefully stay a while. I do miss St. Jude, because that place did become a home. The memories there are sweet. But to be home is pretty fantastic too. Today I stood out on the driveway and blew bubbles through a plastic wand while I watched Katie jump around trying to pop them before they float to the ground. Watching her jump around with the sun setting behind her and the green trees I’ve missed so much while I’ve lived in busy Memphis, I couldn’t help but stand in another moment of wordless gratitude. Once I caught my breath, I blew another bubble and thought to myself “So this is life.” This is what its about. This is why we do what we do. This is why we love, and why we understand that the pain that comes hand in hand with loving another person is far outweighed by the beautiful moments. I thought I was pretty close to understanding just about everything there was to know, but I realize now there is so much more. I look back on my life and I see the unspeakably perfect tender mercies of the Lord. I see where the pieces of my life that I did not understand have tied into a story I could not have written. I look back on a day of dancing in the rain and I stand all amazed at the blessings that have poured from Heaven. Some I have seen and have fallen to my knees in gratitude for, and some I will maybe never understand in this lifetime. As I look back, I am filled with gratitude. As I look forward, I am filled with hope. I am filled with faith and peace. This story is written by a Hand that does not falter. There are no typos, no misspelled words, no coincidences. There are cliffhangers, there is loss, there are tears shed over the pages. And if necessary, some things can be erased through the Savior Jesus Christ and rewritten. I have loved this story with all my heart, and I cannot wait to see what awaits on the next page. I pray someday, I may get a signed copy from the Author, and I will thank Him for a writing a story as beautiful as this.

3 thoughts on “So This Is Life

  1. Beth Ann Bailey

    Scott and Brianna, we want to send pictures in!!! We will try to do that tomorrow! Stephanie, we need to catch up by phone. Maybe we can talk Wednesday? Miss you all <3

  2. Aunt kim

    Thank you so much for the beautiful response to your update. You all have a unique way of words and it is a pleasure to read them. Our continued prayers are with you all. We love you guys. Xox

  3. Sandi Dodge

    I wasn’t going to write anything. I was just stopping by to check-in and see how y’all are doing. But your writing is so moving I couldn’t not tell you. Your faith and words are so beautiful. Your old Highland Village Ward family love our Merling’s. Pass along our love to your sweet parents. Thanks for the update. I am sure having the port out will be such a relief and so wonderful. Sending our love and keeping you in our prayers. XO Sandi

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