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Goodbye Memphis

from Brianna-

Well, scans came back on Wednsday and we’re happy to inform you all that THEY WERE CLEAR. Scott has been officially declared NED (No Evidence of Disease.) But he doesn’t use that term, he calls himself cured and cancer free.

And so he is.

We had our No Mo Chemo party. Scott brought chocolate milk for everybody, and it was wonderful. I have a video for it, but I won’t be able to post that until later.

Wedsnday night we had a great evening with our friends! We so enjoyed the wonderful and delicious food. And they were such great hosts, we loved hearing about India and they are such a fantastic family.


Thursday was the St. Jude Prom. Which was a wonderful way to finish off our stay at St. Jude. They put so much into making this a great expeirence for the teens. They had Lancome come and do the makeup, they had tuxedos fitted for the boys, prom dresses for the girls. A red carpet, party buses and limos, a DJ, food, everything. It was a lot of fun. Scott and his beautiful date Chelsea looked picture perfect. My favorite picture is this one of them walking down the red carpet together!!!



Don’t they look wonderful? I love it!

Right now we are loading up a trailer beyond its capacity to get everything back to Georgia. I remember when we moved into apartment and began this journey. I never thought we’d leave… and now here we are surrounded by moving boxes filled with pieces of the last nine months of our lives. And off we go to Georgia. A lot of people say “I guess you’re excited to get back to life, aren’t you?”

And just what have I been doing for the last nine months? I’ve lived more than I ever have. I’m grateful for the time I had before cancer, because those were beautiful times. But I’m not going back to that life. I’m beginning again. Life has changed for me now. And I don’t necessarily think you need to go through something like cancer to change that. Just recognizing the beauty of every breath and every moment. Every sunrise that you earn, and every sunset that means you’ve lived breath to breath that day and made the most of every given moment.

Well, I wish we had more time to right a good post, but we’re walking out the door to return to Georgia. I’ll make sure to post more pictures of the prom as soon as I can, thanks to all those who made it happen! Next Wednsday we’ll probably be coming back for a surgery to remove Scott’s port, if his numbers have recovered enough. And if they haven’t, no hurry.

We’ve got plenty of time now.

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  1. Grace

    So happy for you Scott! And your whole family. Have a safe trip home b’s let us know if we can help in any way. Can’t wait to stop by for a visit!

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