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This Post Is For YOU


We’re making a new video, and this time I want you to be in the video! (Yes you, I am talking to YOU)

I am making a video to the song When I Go by Jessica Frech.  Here is the song on Youtube so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about–

This song has a lot of meaning to our family. This experience has changed us, and we want to take something with us. We want to learn from it. As you can hear, the song is about a girl who is speaking about what she is ‘taking with her.’ Through this experience of cancer- or life in general- we are all taking something with us. The video I am making to this song will be mostly pictures of people holding signs explaining what they’re taking with them from this experience, or just something they have learned.

So here is what we’re asking (and we ask quite sincerely!) will you join us in making this video? Will you take a few minutes and help us celebrate the wonderful beauty of life and change. Will you share with us a very personal part of yourself and help us express our gratitude and celebrate today, because tomorrow may not be ours.

Now I am exactly the sort of person who would read this and then ignore it. But even as I write this I am picturing each of you and the role you have played in supporting us. From prayers to packages you have all been wonderful. And I am thinking of you by name, and I want to see you in this video.

Here is an example of what we are looking for in the video:

image (1)


Everyone’s will be different! So, what have you learned? From this experience, or any other experience you’ve had? What are you taking with you? Take a picture by yourself, or take it with your family, or your kids, or your cat, or your fish. Selfies are permitted 🙂 haha. There’s no wrong way to do this. Make it yours.

You can email the pictures to Or post it on instagram and tag us! scottlovesstjude. However works best for you.

Looking forward to seeing your name in our inbox, and to see and learn from all of you. We love you so much. Thanks


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