Mortal Showers Bring Eternal Flowers

Because He Lives

From Brianna-

Happy Easter! This holiday I feel like I have seen with new eyes this year. I have always loved the spring feeling and the beginning warmth of Easter, but this Easter I stand in awe of something else. I have begun to recognize with unspeakable gratitude the gift the Savior has given.

Death is inevitable, all of us must taste it. The close of mortal life happens to everyone. It is part of the Plan of Happiness that God presented. The plan we chose joyfully. But death is by no means the end. In the words of Amos Traver, “death is not a period but a comma in the story of life”

Because of Christ, death is not the close of the book but the turn of a page. He walked this earth, He healed, He taught, He was a friend to the weak and the lost, the rejected and the forgotten.

I can only imagine the sorrow of those who thought they had lost their Savior. In Gordon B Hinckley’s words “There must have been a terrible sense of dejection and hopelessness and misery as they thought of their Lord taken from them in death.”

But their Lord would rise again. In Him the sting of death was swallowed up. He lives. And because He lives, so shall I.

I have seen quite a bit of death. I know that it hurts to lose them, especially the little children. I have felt the sadness that comes from watching a life leave this earth. But I have also felt the promise of the Resurrection. And I know that those little children I see whose bodies are weak and ruined, and those children who taste of death so soon are not lost. They will rise also, and they are promised that their previously cancer ridden bodies will be perfect. And they will run with both legs, and they will see with both eyes.

I know my Savior lives. He is here. He healed my heart and he fed my soul. There have been moments when I have cried out for him, and thought in despair that perhaps He was not there. The same despair that the apostles might have felt when their Master was taken from them. But He has never left me, and it it is in joyful praise I testify of Him. I know that my Redeemer lives.

He is here.

Post from Brian.  yes Brian.

As you already know Scott’s numbers were not sufficient to continue with his treatment. Mixed feelings are abound since this would have been his last chemo and our lives would be one step closer to being normal …but what is normal?  What are the constants in life?  I’ll expand my thoughts on that in a minute.

Here is where we exercise the patience we have been learning the last several months, knowing there are many things we simply cannot control and being worried or overly anxious will not change anything. There is a purpose for our delay….what it is I do not know.

So more platelets were given and they quickly loaded the car and began another 6 hour journey to Georgia. No sense sitting around waiting for life memories to come to us….we will make our own.!  When I figured out their  arrival time I got a chair and sat in the driveway under the stars with the full moon as my backdrop, waiting  to greet them like the family dog wanting his best friends to come home. Yes my tail was wagging!  Change was in the air.  The weather was warm and beautiful, spring ….a new beginning, was on the way. My thoughts drifted over the events of the last several months and a strong feeling of gratitude washed over me for what we have been given past and present. Things before, things now, and things after cancer. This story could have a lot of different endings, but gratitude softens them all.
We will spend the next few days listening and learning from the LDS General Conference, gathering new insights and inspiration. I love conference. There is sooo much to learn and soooo little time.  Spiritual starvation is a disease worst than cancer.
So what are the constants in life?  The constants are that God loves all his children equally. He promises to give all, to those who love him.
Jesus Christ walked this earth as we now do, to show by example how we must honor and trust the Father and serve one another.  That looking outward to the needs of others and taking action is the path home. Its not the action itself that accomplishes that, its the change of heart that occurs as we look outside ourselves and gain real purpose to our lives. Jesus Christ has made all this possible through the Atonement and the Resurrection. His path is our path. This life is simply a time to prepare to be with God, everything else is subject to change and I know now…… Change is a good thing.  “Its in the air.”

He Lives!!  Happy Easter

3 thoughts on “Because He Lives

  1. Shirley Trimble

    What a wonderful post..I love knowing the knowledge that we have of our Saviour…Cancer does take from us,but what we give back is what counts…Cancer gives us the chance to look at the world differently ,,to apprecitate every breath we take and every smile that we make…As I listened to conference today ,I know I need to get closer to my Heavenly Father and enjoy all the great spiritual moments I have …What love I receive from your posts,,inspiration and insight…Cancer is real,it lives everyday as a reminder to be thankful and to share the blessings we receive…I see the stars as bright reminders and smile every morning at a bouncing flower I have in my window..Even the smallest of things become important..A gaze from a stranger means I can smile back and know that I may have made that person feel good inside…Our Saviour gave to us life and the means of returning to our Heavenly Home…Oh what a Happy Day that will be…Happy Easter and Welcome Home even if for a short time….Know you are loved…..

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