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Second To Last Chemo? Check

From Scott-

Hey what’s up? Doing good I just finished my second to last chemo and I feel ok… we are playing and having fun but I am tired I talked to some the delta girls and and David Lee and that’s about it I had fun and now I am going to bed thanks bye.

From Brianna-

Wednesday Scott came in for inpatient. This often is a hard day… Like walking straight to the lions I guess. But he doesn’t complain. Wednsday morning Scott and some of his friends who were also impatient decided to go play cards in one of the lobby’s. The nurses on the floor were all confused when they looked in all the rooms and the patients were all missing. Finally they found them playing cards, and so in the picture you can see the nurses taking their vital signs while they play.


and Thursday morning his chemo was administered on time. He didn’t even get really sick, which is good. We definitely credit that to your dedicated prayers 🙂
Last night the whole family (dad flew in) went for a party downstairs on the couches. We set up the laptop and watched movies.

movie night
Today Scott refused to stay in his room. When I went to wake him up I found him already dressed and outside his room talking to the nurses. We went over to the jukebox area and waved to all the Tri Delta girls as they walked in. They’re the coolest haha. Scott was asked by St. Jude if he would speak to them before they began their tour. So after the CEO of ALSAC spoke Scott stood up and gave a wonderful little speech that I don’t think he actually planned at all. Mom spoke as well and she did a great job too! Of course we took a selfie with the Tri Delta girls!
photo (7)
When that was over, Scott was still extremely uninterested in going back to his hospital room, so we hung out downstairs and then we went over and met David Lee, a basketball player for the Golden State Warriors.
It was great to meet him and we’re so grateful he took the time even though he had a big game tonight!

photo 2

We were excited to get a call from the front desk to tell us something had arrived for Scott.  That little IV pole zipped downstairs pretty fast when he heard that! Thanks grandma! 🙂

photo 1

The nurses seemed surprised when Scott showed up back in his room. I guess they were wondering if he’d just split and run off never to return. But Scott wasn’t surrendering, and after getting the scheduled medicine he ran off again to hang out with Adam and Katie in the playroom.
There is a hallway here at the hospital that always seems to have a breeze rushing through it, so we took a kite down there and flew that for a while, much to the amusement of the security guards.

We’re planning on Scott going outpatient tomorrow, which is usually what happens.
WE ONLY HAVE ONE MORE CHEMO! I can hardly believe it. When we began this journey it seemed so long. I looked down the road and it appeared there was no end in sight. We took a step forward anyway, and we have not been left to walk alone. We have felt the strengthening power that comes from the Atonement, and we have been supported beyond words. There have been hard days, but there have also been days that have left me speechless in gratitude.

2 thoughts on “Second To Last Chemo? Check

  1. Brittney Cheek

    So happy to hear that you are nearing the end of a difficult journey and yet you have displayed such grace and faith through it all. Your family is an amazing example to me!

  2. Jordan Barnum

    I am so glad I was able to meet you. You are a true inspiration and your family is shining light of love and blessing. So glad you’re nearing the end! stay strong! God bless

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