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Good News, With a Twist of Lemon

We went for labs at CHOA on Monday.  Good news, Scott’s Platelets and hemoglobin are great (well, great for someone who just went through nine months of chemo) Gratefully, we don’t need any transfusions.  ANC  is good also. He was glad because that meant he could go to Seminary this morning.

Scott’s numbers are so great St Jude wants him back in Memphis for chemo. (That is the twist of LEMON)  We want to finish this and come home to real life. But that means we must go back and take some more “salt in the wound”.  Days of going back are always hard.  The sun is shining, the breeze is whispering for us, the creek babbles about how lonely it is and begs us to play.  Yet we must pack our bags, kiss Dad good-bye and smile as we drive away AGAIN.

I hope it will be easier this time.  Typically leaving home and family to drive back to chemo is something so tough I have to apply the ‘take one step, The Lord does the rest’ principle.  We offer family prayer as usual, say our good byes and move forward knowing that somehow the Lord will make it possible to enjoy the journey.  So far he has.  We start out on our journey find a good book to listen to along the way, eat healthy snacks and pretend we are on a road trip to a vacation. By the time we arrive in Memphis it feels familiar and a bit like home.

So, the plan is-

Tuesday- Drive

Wednesday -Clinic appointments, OT, and then around 8pm going inpatient for chemo starting Thursday Morning

Thurs- Saturday- inpatient.  Encourage Scott to drink a truly unnatural amount of water to get the chemo out as fast as possible. Engage in some creative thinking to make StJude home.  We are looking to make the last 2 inpatient stays super fun.

photo (4)

In tribute to Dad, we will miss you!


3 thoughts on “Good News, With a Twist of Lemon

  1. Haley

    Hi Merling family!

    I just wanted to thank y’all for staying watching Kenike’s Wahines perform today at St. Jude!
    Scott, your story is inspiring and I feel truly blessed to have been able to experience St. Jude. You as well as the others I am praying for you and I know you must hear this a lot… But keep your head up and stay strong! The Lord has a plan for you and he doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle.

    Haley (Kenikes Wahines dancer)

    1. aprileternal Post author

      Haley, thanks for coming to StJude to share your talent. We enjoyed the show. Thanks for the prayers! Keep in contact!

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