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Last Doxorubicin

from Scott…
Doing good,  just finished with my last doxorubicin.  Thank goodness for that.
I only have 2 chemos left.  But this one brings my counts down so it will be awhile before I can get another one, maybe I can go home.  I am having what fun I can,  lots of reading.  Keep praying… thats all for now, bye.
From mom
Woo hoo!! The last doxo done!!!  I am super glad about that.  It is awfully quiet around here.  Adam Brianna and Katie are all in GA.  I think they are getting better, but sometimes coughs sort of hang on.  Scott’s immunities will drop to near zero in about a week, so we have to be certain we don’t put him at risk.

Ok since we last wrote Scott and I went to MI, and had a great time seeing family. Now Memphis is white with snow and ice, but it just isn’t as much fun without the other kids.
Today was the Target carnival.  A fun event that Target puts on several times a year.  .  Whoever designs these things is creative.  I want their job.  The building was set up as a busy city scape.  There were  street vendors giving out treats, a graffiti artist, and a graffiti your own picture.  There were giveaways of new beannie hats from “love your melon”, a tshirt, new book, gift card to target, and an art kit for each child. there were also  crafts to make your own drums, and noise makers.

Scott enjoyed it, but the little kids here at ST Jude seems to have a blast!  They got on stage to dance with the music and beat their homemade drums.  It truly was fun to sit and observe all the bald heads  in colorful new beanies dancing to the music.  The kids here seem oblivious to the fact that they are sick.  I guess if we don’t tell them maybe they wont know.  They just keep living life as if there were no monsters waiting around the corner for them.  This has become normal life for me,  to meet and hang out with some pretty sick kids.  So sometimes it takes a minute to realize I am privileged enough to get to observe some pretty special spirits  enjoying  life to the fullest. None of us are promised tomorrow.  But  these kids are really looking death in the face, and don’t know how long they have left here.  Everyone is smiling, parents kids and the music artist that came to sing and dance with them.  They are standing in the midst of adversity…no, they are dancing and singing and playing in the midst of adversity.  There is so much I can learn from them.

We are getting close now.  Our goal is to get through the last few chemos with out any serious illnesses or complications.  We are praying the scans come back clear and we go back to life without cancer.  It has been a long road, but we hope we are seeing the end in the distance.

Thank you for your prayers, letters, cards and support.  I feel very blessed.


Scott using his arm way over his head!

Scott using his arm way over his head!

Last Doxorubicin

Last Doxorubicin

From Brianna,

Well hi! It has been a good, although quiet week. This adventure has shown me how much of home really is family. It’s not quite the same without all of us. But I recognize how wonderfully blessed we have been to be together as much as we have been. One big announcement is that Saturday our youngest member of the crew lost a tooth 🙂 Her very first.  She pulled it herself…. (no it was not knocked out)


Well it has been quite a journey. I have been changed and I hope to keep on changing.  I have come to glimpse a beautiful side of life that I may never have known before. There have been hard things, hard things that I have come to see and understand and feel. But to be able to see a beautiful page of life that I had never read before. The words are written by a Hand that does not falter. There have been times that I have wondered if perhaps I read it wrong, but then I turn the page and understand that there is so much more to the story than that one scene. So much more. I am forever grateful for Him, who sees so much further than I.


3 thoughts on “Last Doxorubicin

  1. Mary Linde

    Praying for extra strength through this treatment Scott and that your counts will come up more quickly than anticipated. Glad you have distractions to keep you busy through the recovery period. As always, you and your whole family are in our prayers daily. Contragulations to Katie for the 1st tooth loss….you look really cute!!! Brianna, you have a way with words…keep sharing your thoughts through the written word. Blessings for you all!!

  2. LuAnn

    Sending love, thoughts and prayers your way! Thanks for the updates! I love to read about your experiences, thoughts and feelings!

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