Mortal Showers Bring Eternal Flowers

Making platelets!!!!!

The latest update.

From Scott ūüôā what’s up people? So we went to St. Jude and got a stick in the arm for coming, what a way to say hey. Then we went to see my doctor and the doctor said …… more monkeys jumping on the bed jk lol. but he did say that my platelets had come up that they had doubled¬†but……….. I still didnt have enough for chemo so me and mom thought we would go to see my grandma in Michigan and I think that’s it ttyl ūüôā

From mom…

We got a call Sunday night from StJude, they needed to do some tests on Scotts’s heart before the next chemo. So Monday, the kids and I drove ¬†back to Memphis. Mostly is was an easy drive, we ran into very little ice. ¬†Tuesday heart test …his heart still looks good. Tuesday evening Adam wasn’t feeling himself. He thought he might be coming down with a cold. So we found a flight and shipped all the kids home to Brian in GA. As a rule I never say the S-word (snow)where the kids can hear it until I see flakes falling outside the window. ¬†But Katie was a little sad to go back to GA, so I was glad when the flight attendant told Katie there would be snow in GA. ¬†She cheered up and went happily home, gathered the snow boards and sat by the fire waiting for the fun. ¬†Luckily for the flight attendant it did snow, sadly not enough to stick.

Wednesday labs to see if Scott could finally get chemo. ¬†No,in fact really NO! ¬†He had pretty much nothing to show for the last 5 days. So we tested again today Friday and woohoo! Platelets. ¬†Not enough for chemo but enough to show that his Bone marrow has not give Up completely! ¬†I feel confident he will be up and ready for chemo on Wednesday. ¬†So now what do we do unto Wednesday. There are sick people at my house in GA, and sitting around Memphis is getting old. ¬†So, a trip….I’m thinking sunny Orlando, or key west. But Scott decided on Michigan….yes, really. He wants to see his”nana” (brians’s Mom)and many aunts,uncles and cousins. ¬†(Mom, we did look at Texas, but you were cover in ice, and more to come…maybe next time.). So tomorrow afternoon we catch a flight to MI for some fun in the sun….no scratch that….cold in the snow, and fun with family. ¬†So now you are uptodate. Thanks for the prayers!!! We are getting soooooo close. ¬†3 more chemos. ¬†Only 1 more doxo, that will lower his counts and need a mask. ¬†Good bye masks!!!! ¬†2 more methotrexates that require hospital stays. ¬†Goodbye hospital sofa bed!!! More updates soon.


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