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Clowns But No Chemo


From Brianna

Hey!  There was a change of plans yesterday when Scott’s labs showed that his numbers had not recovered enough to get chemo today. As strange as this sounds, it’s a little disappointing for him. He likes to get it over with and be ready for the next one.  So tomorrow morning early they will draw blood and see if he is ready for chemo again. If he is, he will receive it Saturday morning. If he’s not, then we keep waiting for him be ready.

So today we’re just doing school and occupational therapy. Scott’s left arm is slowly getting bigger as he works so hard. His right arm is absolutely huge now from doing things one armed while his left arm recovered. Now it’s time to work on the left arm! But Scott does not automatically use that arm any longer. He has to consciously remind himself, which is quite understandable considering that arm has been unused for so long. So what could we do to help him remember to use the left arm?

Tie him up of course.

No, I’m kidding! Sort of….. We put his right arm (the good one) in the sling so that he now must use the left one more. This has nearly driven him crazy, but he is making good progress already. Eventually though, he had enough for one day and took it off.

So we were excited to attend a carnival that Sky High For St. Jude hosted at the housing. It was wonderful! So much work and dedication went into the event, and it definitely showed. It was so much fun, and thank you so much to all those who gave their time and talent!


Remember that family photoshoot we talked about in our post Photoshoot and Facepaint a few weeks ago? We got the pictures back! We wanted to share a few with you, and also share the fun time we had taking them. Here’s the video!

5 thoughts on “Clowns But No Chemo

  1. Grandma Katie

    what a great video. Looks like it was a very fun day. Scott – looks like you are able to use your arm more and more – especially in dancing. You are all so photogenic. A beautiful family and their beautiful mother. Love you all and miss you. Grandma

  2. Katie Holcomb

    Hey there, Merling clan! I met you guys at Bingo during Christmas time and ran into you all not too long ago in the cafeteria. I hope all is going well with you, Scott. It appears to be you are looking so great! I am praying for you guys daily. God is good and I’m so glad to see that your are doing better. Peace, love and continuous prayers.
    Katie Holcomb

    1. aprileternal Post author

      Hi Katie! So good to hear from you. Thanks for the fun time we had at Bingo! It was great to meet you. Thank you for the prayers also, we feel them so much in our lives. We hope to see you again! 🙂

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