Mortal Showers Bring Eternal Flowers

Snow Day In Memphis

From Brianna-

Today we woke to see snow/ice on the ground.  This called for a snow play day! So we stayed at the apartment for the day and played outside in the freezing weather. I will say that it was Scott’s idea to ride in the tub over the ice. This escalated quickly… as you can see in the video. But it was a fun day with no needles or nurses! (though we do love our nurses!)


From Mom,

With all the snow gear and energy, it is almost hard to tell that one of these kids has cancer.  Scott is the tall one in the multicolored hat(a gift from the Rodriguez family, Thanks Lisa) His arm is working really well.  It is not back to full strength, but as you can tell by the video, he can use it quite a bit. (his bad one is his left arm).  There was a lot of fun today.  But not enough for Katie, she is watching the maintenance guys scrape up her precious ice, destroying her fun.  There were a few tears about that, and she had me check the weather in hopes that more ice would fall tomorrow.  No such luck…I hope.

We had a couple of  appointments schedule today, but nothing important so we decided not to brave the roads.  Tomorrow NOTHING!!  so another day off.  Wednesday, it will be back to business;  A full day of visits, and then check in to the hospital about 8pm for prehydration before methotrexate chemo Thursday morning.  We will be inpatient until Saturday. But we will keep you updated on the fun.

We are grateful for your prayers and support.  We are nearing the end of Chemo, and hopefully headed back to (a new)normal life.  Life will never be the same, I believe it will be better.  I hope WE will be better.

We lost another Osteo friend this week. We are grateful that he could leave this mortal life, and not have to endure the long and painful death that often accompanies this disease.   We try to understand the feelings of loss his family must be facing, but even being this close to the battle, I can not say that I do understand what a parent endures. On another day I hope to share with you some of my thoughts on facing life after all we have seen.   But today is a day for enjoying life and appreciating the moments we have.

The Savior lives, He does not leave us alone, He has made our journey easier, and carried our burdens. I love Him, and I am grateful for His constant care.

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  1. Jon Harrison

    Love the video! It made me smile and laugh a little, too. You all do a great job keeping your spirits high. Thanks for being an inspiration!

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