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Besties in beanies

From Brianna Another chemo almost done! Wednesday night Scott went inpatient, Thursday morning chemo began. It went well, although when they tested his blood later the chemo level was a little higher than usual. Usually at that point Scott has managed to flush most of it out

Thursday night dad flew in and we had a movie night downstairs on the couches outside the cafeteria. At night, the hospital is ours. Hardly anyone is there after seven/eight. Today Scott refused to stay in his hospital room. The entire day we spent downstairs…. Teen room to play pool, decorating valentine cookies (Scott gave one to his huge male bodybuilder nurse.) when finally he had to go back upstairs for medicine he still wouldn’t go in his room and preferred to hang around the nurses desk and talk physics. He has a new theory on gravity that quite stumped the nurses. So we went downstairs where he presented his theory to the patient care office while they sorted mail. They were also impressed, and this then moved to a discussion on philosophy. Scott enjoys going around the hospital making people smile and laugh. Everyone knows him, that’s for sure! They all love to see him.
So tonight is another family movie night downstairs…. Special memories for sure. As you can see in the picture above, we had fun taking a few selfies with Danny Thomas! He totally rocked the beanie.

Recently we started an Instagram account. If you have an Instagram account and are interested in following us to see pictures of our craziness around St. Jude, feel free! Our instagram name is scottlovesstjude

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