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Hey, this is Scott

Hey this is Scott, we have been doing good, we went to a Tri-Delta conference,  Mom and Brianna and I  sat on the panel (we were some of the people they asked questions) mom made all the try delta girls cry. After we were done we went to Georgia and saw the talent show . We only  stayed for a day and a night and then we went back Memphis, and here we are.


From Mom,

Scott is right we have been doing good.  Thursday Brian flew into town. Friday a few visits at the hospital, including cookie decorating with the Ladies of Tri Delta sorority.  400 sorority sister toured StJude for their annual conference.  They are HUGE StJude supporters.  They have committed to raise 60 million dollars over the next 10 years.  Scott, Brianna and I had the opportunity to thank them and answer a few questions at their luncheon on Saturday.  What a treat!!

We caught a flight to GA for the fastest trip ever!  Flew in and headed to the ward talent show. We saw some wonderful acts, and enjoyed our time with so many friends.  Brianna performed Zach Sobiech’s song “Clouds” on the guitar, thanks Adam K for loaning Brianna your guitar. Her favorite guitar was still in Memphis. MAYBE we can convince her to post a clip from the video Brian took of her.

Sunday Church with our ward family.  Then Scott disappeared into the forest, for some much needed romping and exploring. Just like old times. He built a sling shot, and practiced his aim.  What fun a kid can have with a little strip of leather and some rope.   Monday we left super early to make it back to Memphis for lab work.  Thanks to all the fresh air, and prayers Scott is doing quite well.  His ANC (measures his immune system) is now 900.  Not normal but good for a kid on Chemo.  I think before we started chemo his count was about 4000?  Hard to remember now.  Platelets were 53 so rising, and again good for a kid on chemo. He will need to make a few more platelets  before Wednesday if he is to get Chemo.

So we are doing well.  Counting down the chemos 5 left!  It is sort of hard to take this kid who is looking good and feeling good and make him sick AGAIN.  But we are just concentrating on the finish line.   We are looking forward to a cancer free summer, filled with vacations, scout camps, EFY, and a lot of fun.

Hopefully Brianna will add some photos tomorrow and make our post look a bit better.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  We are grateful.  We know the Lord loves us, he has not forgotten us.

photo 2 (1)

Onstage selfie with some Tri Delta girls behind us…. they’re awesome!

Our family loves the song Clouds…. it was written by the amazing Zach Sobiach.  We shared his story before, but if you didn’t get to see it or if you want to see it again you can look at our post Mustaches and Marathons.

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  1. Mary Linde

    So glad to hear Scott is doing well and that his counts are on the rise. It was wonderful to see you all this past weekend. Enjoyed Brianna’s song so much – such a special song indeed and she is very talented!!! Give hugs to all the children for us. You’re constantly on our hearts and in our prayers.

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