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Photo Shoot and Face Paint

From Brianna-

Tuesday we went to the hospital for a few appointments, Occupational Therapy (where Scott got his therapist with a nerf gun…. but he used his left arm she was excited about it) and we also went to the Photography Department where St. Jude wanted to do a photo shoot of Scott and his family.  Scott has had a lot of energy, so we’ve been keeping busy.

Today started off with labs, which showed us that Scott’s ANC has come up to about 500.  This means he is tiptoeing the line of being non neutropenic.  Which means we will still be careful, but he is happy that he doesn’t have to wear the mask all the time now.  St. Jude actually recently got a new kind of mask, they’re more comfortable and effective.  But they look like duckbills for some reason.  So that’s interesting to watch all the little kids run around with duck bill masks.

This evening we went to Target House for an event hosted by Gymboree.  It was a lot of fun with crafts, music, face painting and dancing.  We’re very grateful for those who take their time and come from all over to make these events happen.

Thank you for your prayers! We feel every one of them.  I’m a writer…. it’s what I love to do, it’s what I hope to always do.  As a writer, my job is to have the words to express things.  Everything and anything.  But this is where words seem to fail me, when I try to type my gratitude to you all and especially to my Savior.  He has taken this trial and made it something to make me better instead of bitter.  I have relied on him so much, and he has made this time some of the best of my life.  To come closer to my family, to be more compassionate, to have my eyes opened a little more.  To understand deeper pain is to recognize greater joy.  There is still so much to learn, and I hope that these things I have learned will never leave me.  I don’t want to let this prayer of gratitude fade to an echo, I want it to ring forever in my heart.

IMG_2470Photoshoot Tuesday

IMG_2488Facepaint from tonight

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