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Update… Nothing new but I don’t want to leave you all in suspense. Scott actually wrote a post for me to send. But one wrong click, and it was gone….oops.

You last heard from us on Wednesday night I think. So Thursday was nice weather, we went to the zoo. It was perfect because there were so few people and we were outdoors so Scott could take his mask off. The animals were all out and active. Most of the footage from Brianna’s video “good to be alive” was shot at the Memphis zoo. I don’t think there were many shots of the animals in that video. The kids were watching the animals and I was watching the kids. They sure make life fun.
Thursday night Brian flew in. It is nice to have our entire family together a few days each week. He took some of the kids to the library, and just hung out as a family.
Sunday we went to church and then to STJude for a quick lab check around noon. Scotts needed platelets and whole blood. We felt very blessed to get both, and no reaction. He is still neutropenic or lacking an immune system. But you wouldn’t know it,by looking at him, he feels great. While we were waiting for labs, and blood etc… he kept himself busy by rolling himself around in a wheelchair. This is exciting for Scott because he is finally strong enough use his left arm to maneuver. It is really good exercise for him. The hospital was empty so the kids all had wheelchairs buzzing around. They had a blast. We finally made it to the apartment around 7 pm.


Today was a day off from the hospital, so laundry, grocery shopping, etc. We are trying to keep Scott busy, he is a bit like a giant Labrador puppy trying to manage in a small apartment. He has a lot of energy, usually we are back in GA by this point in his recovery,and he can romp through the forest and pastures and get outdoors. A fun package came today and gave Scott some fun! (thanks aunt Kim and Uncle Jerry) that saved us all, especially Brianna. She seems to be the target of most of his energy.

The most important thing about Mondays for all moms with LDS missionaries serving is Pday. Pday is short for preparation day. Missionaries use this day to care for their personal needs, laundry, shopping, and writing their families!!!! so we got an email from Elder M in Mexico. He is loving it. And I love reading about his experiences. I can not tell you how fun it is to see his name appear in my inbox!
Tomorrow school , OT, and family photos at St Jude.(well not quite the whole family, Brian is back in GA) We will share the pictures with you when we get them.

Wednesday we will do labs again. Hopefully Scott blood work will show improvement. I know he really wants to go places without a mask, and eat smoothies. He gets impatient with this neutropenia diet.

Thank you for praying for us. We feel very blessed. St Jude has cared for our every need. The Lord is watching over us, and we are counting down the days until Scott can be officially cancer free. Here, we are waiting to hear the words NED, No Evidence of Disease. Please continue to pray for us, and invite others to pray also. We are headed in the right direction. But this is not a cancer you are ever DONE with. We will be ever on our guard for years to come. However, we will enjoy every minute and day we are given! The Lord knows what he is doing. And so far for us it has been many mighty miracles! We will walk whatever path he asks us to go. But cancer free sounds like a good path to us.


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