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Singing the Platelet Blues

Howdy! This morning we went to Occupational Therapy and I’m doing great at it. They expect me to get a lot of arm movement back.  And I also went to Country Cares and met a couple of young Country artists.
We then went to a couple more appointments and then went to get platelets.  Halfway through the platelets my face started to blow up and I got hives all over my body.  They gave me lots of benadryl and other medicines.  They bendryl makes me tired but I couldn’t lie down because my back was covered in hives.

Once the hives and swelling went down I went to country cares carnival with Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of the family.  and met a lot of country singers.

Keep up the prayers! Thank goodness I didn’t blow up to much.


From Brianna

So Scott was invited to meet a few country singers at Country Cares.  Thanks Cam, Logan, Chase, Kelsea, and Josh! So wonderful meeting you this morning! It’s too late tonight to post all the pictures we had fun taking, but more will come!

This is an event that goes through St. Jude, in which Country singers and artists come to St. Jude and help with fundraising.  This is always a big deal! So this morning Scott hung out with several fun country singers, with plans to attend later to the Country Cares Carnival.  Several appointments later and lab results showed that Scott’s platelet count was still low, and getting lower.  This meant he would need platelets before going to the carnival.  We were not concerned with this and went ahead to the Medicine Room as usual.  The platelet infusion was started, and all appeared fine.  Halfway through the infusion Scott’s eyes began to be a little swollen.  Within a few minutes, the swelling got worse and he began to break out in hives.  This is a not uncommon allergic reaction to platelets.  You must be thinking “What? I thought he’s gotten platelets before, how is he allergic to them?” Sometimes the reaction happens, sometimes it doesn’t.  It just depends on the infusion.  He was medicated with Benadryl and the swelling and hives eventually went away.  Scott wanted to show you all a picture of what the reaction looked like:photo(3)photo(2)

So that was a new adventure! Luckily, with medication the reaction did not last long.  Also, we are very grateful it was not that bad.  Many kids’ throats close off and other more serious problems.

Well, despite that little delay, Scott still wanted to go to the carnival.  So we loaded up onto the St. Jude bus and they took us to the Peabody Hotel where it was being held.  Many, many, many country singers had made time in their busy schedules to come to the event.  They were so friendly and good, and went out of their way to make the st. jude kids feel like the celebrities that night!  Like I said, more pictures will follow.  So many wonderful people! We are so grateful for their time.  Check out our facebook page in the next couple of days for more pictures of that fun night! The link to our facebook page is on the homepage of this blog.


Scott enjoyed a fun game of miniature golf with his friend Craig Wayne Boyd.

FullSizeRender (2)

Thanks The Band Perry! Nice meeting you! By the way, Kimberly is even more beautiful in person!

FullSizeRender (3)

and all the patients and artists! We enjoyed meeting all of them and like we said, more pictures to come! Thanks to everyone for their time and talent!

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    1. aprileternal Post author

      Yes, so thankful for Benadry! We are mostly back to normal today. Lets hope his platelets come back on their own! We don’t want to do that again for awhile.
      thanks for your prayers and support!

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