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No Chemo today, but Scan results look good

From Scott–

Hey having fun, I don’t have to take chemo today because my platelets were too low. On the down side I will have to stay longer until I get the chemo and recover before I come home.  While we were in clinic we got the x-ray and PET scan results back… no change, which is good, and a miracle the two spots in my lungs are the same. So they are not as worried as they were at the beginning.

Some volunteers from Mizzou came and had some fun games Katie had a lot of fun.

While I was NOT getting chemo Mom and I (mostly mom) got interviewed by a couple of news stations one from New Orleans and another from Macon Georgia 13WMAZ, to promote the  St Jude dream home giveaway.    I don’t know when they will be broadcast but we will let you know if we hear.  If you see them first let us know.

Thank you for all your prayers and your fasting.  Thanks for being such great friends, and keep up the good work.  Please pray for Harlan and Haley.


From Brianna–

I can only echo the same news…. Scans from yesterday came back and nothing appears new.  We were actually kind of worried we’d have to wait to get the scans until today because during the scans they ask that your stomach be empty.  Scott has to fast for so many hours before the scans.  It is hard to remember not to eat or drink! Scott accidentally drank some chocolate milk.  This led to several phone calls and scheduling.  Luckily, the scan was enough hours afterward that it worked out well.

The spots in the lungs have not changed, so doctors aren’t concerned about it much.  Scott’s platlete level is too low to receive chemo today.  As weird as it sounds, we were a bit disapointed about that.  We are ready to finish! The reason the platelete count matters is the chemo wears the body down to the point that the bone marrow struggles to produce platelets.  Before they continue with another chemo, they want to see that his bone marrow can recover and keep doing their job.  Sometimes this takes a while, sometimes its quicker.

Dad, who has been working extra hard and travelling back and forth has honestly done more than humanly possible.  I do not know how he does it! He is amazing.  Not much sleep, but still smiling! He dozed off during a skype session with us, but we let him sleep a bit because he needs it!  Hopefully he will be coming to be with us here in Memphis tomorrow.

photo (2)

We also have a picture of Scott with his friend Maxwell.  Maxwell was also an osteo patient, but he has recently finished his treatment! We are so happy for him and his family and we keep them in our prayers.  As you can see, they look rather like brothers!

could be brothers3



9 thoughts on “No Chemo today, but Scan results look good

  1. Grandma Katie

    I am so glad to hear that scans looked good and I am so looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. I have missed you.
    Love you all

  2. Cleo C. Phillips

    Thanks for the update. I am really proud of each of you for being so strong in your faith and giving God the glory. You have been an inspiration to me and all of those I have shared your letters with. Love you all!

    1. aprileternal Post author

      Thank you! We are so grateful for you sharing our story. This is our way of soliciting prayers, and sharing the miracles that come from those prayers. As we unite our faith miracles are happening.

  3. Tom Owen

    The amazing Merling family keeps amazing all of us, especially Scott. Let’s just keep letting Dad sleep throught it. Better he’s asleep in the chair giving us all a good laugh then in the car. Love you all.


    1. aprileternal Post author

      Haha, it was too funny. Good thing he is a good sport and can laugh along with us. No telling what he might post about us if we give him the password 🙂

  4. Barbara Brogdon

    I love the photo of Scott and Maxwell, they are both looking good. The Skype with Dad while he caught a few zzz’s is priceless (Skype is so cool). Keeping you all in my prayers every day and sharing your faith and testimony with others. So proud of your beautiful family and I feel blessed to share this journey with you all. Thank you for the updates and it is so good to hear the scans were the same. God bless the patients, families, and everyone working at St Jude’s because they are angels. I proudly donate to them every chance I can!

    Barbara Brogdon
    (I work with your Grandma Katue)

    1. aprileternal Post author

      Thank you! We do feel very grateful for St Jude. How does anyone do cancer with out them? Thanks for donating to this wonderful hospital. Thanks also for your prayers and support! We are so grateful for all the kindnesses we have received

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