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2 good hands and 2 Surprised Doctors

From Scott
Having fun so far. But I’m not inpatient yet. I sprayed Dr Schwartz and Dr Bishop with silly string when we met for my clinic visit today. They screamed really loud!!!! Super funny! I got my pillow removed so my arm is now down at my side! What a relief (actually it sort of feels strange)
We found some cool toys in our apartment that St Jude dropped off for Christmas.

From Mom,
We were pretty sad to leave home yesterday and postponed it as late as possible. Brianna started feeling a scratchy throat so we felt it was best to give the kids a few days to recover before they come up to Memphis. Scott and I arrived in Memphis around 10 pm. We began appointments at St Jude this morning around 8:30. Blood draw and accessing his port for Chemo tonight, Mail room visit to get some fun packages, and many Christmas cards (thanks for making his day). Psychology visit, clinic visit to review his labs and be sure he is strong enough to go in for Chemo tonight. Scott obviously made that appointment exciting for all of us. Some silly string arrived in one of the fun packages today. Scott new immediately what it was going to be used for and could hardly wait for his appointment to put it to work. The Doctors were good sports about being squirted. They said silly string is much better than spit up and other things they get squirted with. But they did look a bit surprised and squealed a little, which made it even more fun for Scott!!! Then off to the best thing of the day, OT or Occupational Therapy to remove Scott’s pillow and do a few exercises. Scott is really enjoying the privilege of operating 2 useful hands and arms. There will be a lot of work to rebuild the muscles. But he is really moving along nicely.

A very Happy 2015 to you all.
Thanks for the many prayers, cards, packages and support.  You lives and days are blessed by you.

7 thoughts on “2 good hands and 2 Surprised Doctors

  1. Beth Ann Bailey

    Haha! I wish I could have seen Dr Bishop’s face when Scott squirted him with silly string! Scott you are very brave 🙂 I’m so glad you no longer have to have that pillow. We look forward to seeing you next week. Happy new year from the Baileys!

  2. Grace B.

    You look so happy in your picture! I’m so glad you got your pillow removed. We will keep praying for the Lord to heal and help you in all the ways you want Him to. Your smile is contagious.!

  3. Armando Mota

    Mi querida Familia Merling… Es motivo de gran gozo recibir éstas buenas nuevas… Agradezco al Padre Celestial por Scott, por su salud, porque veo que la revelación en el Templo es una realidad… Scott será sano completamente… Envío a ustedes todo mi amor y mi cariño desde México, sigo en oración por ustedes, oro al Padre Celestial para que éste 2015 sea de grandes bendiciones para toda la familia Merling… HAPPY NEW YEAR…

    PD. En una semana visitaré a Elder Merling en Cd. Valles, S.LP. MEXICO…

  4. Armando Mota

    Agradezco infinitamente al Padre Celestial por todo su amor y su misericordia para con nosotros y por la bendición de ver milagros de salud en la vida de Scott, qué gusto ver ésta fotografia… es la más grande prueba que la revelación del Padre en el Templo está siendo cumplida y Scott será sano… Mi querida familia Merling, les envío todo mi amor y mi cariño, orando por grandes bendiciones y milagros en sus vidas… les aseguro un recuerdo muy especial en mis oraciones de cada día… HAPPY NEW YEAR…

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