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Back to Memphis

From Scott-

Scott’s thought! In Neal A. Maxwell’s book, One More Strain of Praise, there is a quote that I liked very much!

“Prayers, after all, are the most effective thing others can do for us.”

That made me think of all of you who are praying for me! Thank you very much! Keep up the good work! I’m going for a chemo in the next week.  Thank you for all your prayers, they are most appreciated.


From Brianna–

I realize its been a while since you’ve heard from us! I hope you all had a magnificent Christmas! I know we did!  It was so great to see our dear friends at home, and they made us feel so special upon our return.  It has indeed been a grand vacation home! Tomorrow we well begin the journey back to Memphis.  Although it is sad to leave home again, we are excited because we hope that Scott will finally be out of the pillow he’s been having to wear under his arm.  He is looking forward to this!

We attached a few pictures of the fun we had at home….. including guitar concerts in the basement…..guitarguitar2

Christmas Eve parties as a family…. lots of food, and Fiddler on The

Doing service with the First Methodist Church to prepare Christmas meals for the needy…..

scott 2service babe

And best of all, hanging out as a family! (Sorry Dad, your not in the picture because your taking the picture)


It’s a little late, but Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you keep the true spirit of Christmas with you throughout the entire year, and that the opportunity for a new beginning with the start of 2015 helps you keep that spirit with you.  Thank you for making this a wonderful Christmas for our family.


From Mom,

We did have a great Christmas!  We skyped with our missionary in Mexico.  It was so great to see his face!  Brianna put together a video from that conversation and will be posting it soon(hopefully tomorrow).  At the very end he shares his testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ in Spanish.  Anyone care to translate it for us Gringos?  We email back and forth with him each week, usually on Monday.  But we talk with him twice per year  On Christmas and Mother’s Day.  So now the count down until Mother’s day.

We had a great time slicing pies and hams for those in need.  How great that the Lord allows us to serve others!  That is a good feeling.

We played games.  Adam beat Dad at Chess… that was super fun for Adam, and Brian took it like a man, a very shockd and surprised man.  We made every fattening recipe that even came close to being on our diet. Gumbo, German pancakes, granola, potato soup, fettuccine Alfredo,  and for Christmas Pot Roast .  It is not traditional nor on the diet, but it sounded good  to Scott.  We are hoping he gained a few pounds.  I know the rest of us did.

We had a night of games with friends, a “fireside” devotional with the youth from church, and some surprise visitor bring gifts and goodwill.

Now we pack up our juicer, blender, food processor, wheat grinder, Bosch bread mixer and a few clothes and head back to Memphis for 3-4 weeks. ( It takes a lot of equipment to make healthy meals for all of us.)  Scott will have Chemo every Thurs Morning for the next 3 weeks. Then he gets a break to recover his blood counts.  We are getting close to the end.  If all goes well  6 more Methotrexates and 2 more Doxorubicins.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be home with my family.  I am grateful for all the friends who made our trip wonderful. I am grateful for the cards and letters. I am grateful for your prayers.  And most of all I am grateful for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who came to earth as a humble babe, but who broke the bands of death, and provided the way for us to live again.

I hope you all will have a wonderful new year filled with many days of laughter and joy.



One thought on “Back to Memphis

  1. Cleo Collins Phillips

    I appreciate each page of information on all of you. You are in my prayers daily and I have shared your situation with my church group, especially the Sunday School Class that that I teach. They are inspired with your faith and testimony of God’s care. He is an awesome God, and I am so happy that He cares for you and me!
    Scott, I am so very proud of you in the way you have shown your faith and endured the pain and sickness of chemo.
    My husband, Raymond Phillips had cancer and had to have chemo at M.D. Anderson in Houston. He did like you and had a great faith that pulled him through. He did pass away at age of 84 from a heart attack.
    Keep your faith and He will pull you through as well.
    Your family is a blessing to each of us as they see you through this terrible illness.
    Brianna, you are the best sister that anyone can have! I am so impressed with the way you have been there in all of Scott’s treatments and recoveries. What a supporter, you have been.

    God bless each of you and may this be a year of great celebration! HAPPY NEW YEAR

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