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Close the Umbrella

In May of this year, the oldest of our family left to serve his mission in Mexico.  A gracious friend of ours donated her time and talent to take pictures of our family before Colin left.  That day, I (Brianna) looked out the window and saw the darkening clouds.

“Oh no,” I thought “Our pictures will be ruined by the rain.” Silently, I gave a little prayer that perhaps the rain could be postponed or something.  The answer to this pray would illustrate one of the many times Heavenly Father saw so much further than I did.

The rain poured down in sheets.  It was warm, beautiful fresh rain.  First the youngest ones leaped  into it, dancing and spinning in circles as the gift from Heaven fell upon our family.  As we all begin to venture out into the beautiful rainstorm, it pounded down even harder.  The rain soaked our clothes and hair.  We had a wonderful time as we played in the rain as a family, but it wouldn’t be until now that I recognize with sincere gratitude that wonderful rainstorm.

This year, when we heard President Uchtdorf’s address “Living the Gospel Joyful” that day of dancing in the rain was brought to our remembrance.  This time in our lives has become a chance to tilt the umbrella to the side and taste the fresh rain of blessings that falls upon us.  Or better yet, turn the umbrella upside down and try to fill it up! 🙂

Either way, we are grateful for that day of dancing in the rain.  It was the first of many.  Inspired by Uchtdorf’s words, I created this video using the pictures from that blessed day of rain.


5 thoughts on “Close the Umbrella

  1. Grandma Katie

    What a beautiful video and message you have written. You have such a gift with words. You remind me of your Aunt Stacey. I could have visualized even without the pictures.

    1. aprileternal Post author

      Thanks! We are just figuring out how to reply:) Novices
      I sure miss you. and think of you often! I hope you see you soon!

  2. Nancy Swainhart

    I wasn’t aware of your blog before today. This is beautiful, and you all are such an amazing family. You
    inspire us, and we continue to pray for you.

    1. aprileternal Post author

      Thank you! We are so grateful for your constant prayers and lovely letters and packages. You have been such a support to us. Brianna just started publishing this site. It has been fun for her to share her talents. Love you guys lots!

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