Mortal Showers Bring Eternal Flowers

“If ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren….”

From Brianna–

Hi! Today we were scheduled to be at the hospital for appointments until around two in the afternoon. Of course, it actually took longer and we spent the entire day at the hospital.  This is typical of hospital life, so it’s no big deal.  We just pack extra school work and get more done! 🙂  Scott was supposed to have his arm brace replaced with a small little pillow to keep it at an angle, but due to something or other (haha) this was rescheduled till tomorrow.  Scott also had platelets and a blood transfusion today.  Blood transfusions take a while, but Scott didn’t mind because he had a fun time opening his mail and reading the lovely cards from all his friends and family.  He often receives cards from people he has never met in person, these always make him smile.  I think to him it’s like making a new friend.  Old friends and new friends alike are precious to Scott. Mail is something that cheers, distracts and entertains him. The people in the mail room all know him by name now.

As I have added all the previous posts to this blog, it amazes me to review our journey and again recognize the blessings that have been with us throughout it all.  I am so grateful for it all, the ups the downs and everything in between.  It all has been so divinely placed in our lives.  Much love to you all!

From Scott–

Merry Christmas!! I think I will be home for Christmas, so that is going to be good.  My blood counts have been staying low for longer than usual but that is to be expected after so many chemos.  I got red blood cells and platelets today.  the red blood cells were a first.  and my counts are beginning to rise.

Thanks for all the mail, people!! It feels to good to know I’m remembered.

Scott’s thought….Cancer has taught me if you cant change it, there is no point in worrying about it.

From Mom

I am so grateful to have Christmas together… hopefully at  our own home. And I am excited to be able to skype with Elder M! I hope I can hold it together for that.  I feel a bit like crying just thinking about it.  It feels like so much has happened since he left in May. I many burst in to tears just seeing his face.
I am grateful for this time of year to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  This year will be and has been extra meaningful.  Cancer has opened my eyes to see life a little differently.  There is more beauty in the everyday.  I treasure moments that in the past zoomed by me without noticing….. laying about, noise, and most treasured of all, laughter.  I am even more grateful for the Savior this year than any year previous.  I am learning to love his people more.  I am beginning to see what he meant when he stated “If ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”  Scott is becoming a bit of a patchwork quilt.  A piece of Scott’s arm is held together with a bone from a donor.  Some family somewhere lost a loved one. But allowed us to benefit from their donation.  Scott has now had 6 or so transfusions of Platelets,  3 in less than a week, and 2 blood transfusions (he only remembers one because the other was given during surgery).

I sat in the blood donation clinic this last week as I donated platelets.  Scott and I do not have matching blood types so he can not receive my blood but I wanted to give back for all we have been given.  As I sat there, the chairs around me were filled with “regulars”.  They come to St Jude often to give platelets.  They do not have a child that needs them.  They don’t even really know how their life-giving fluid is used nor why the children here need it.  And they can not know how grateful this mother is.  They have done something for my son that I cannot do for him.  I can not describe the feeling of gratitude I have for the life-saving gift they give to my child.  They have more than “done it unto me”.   I assume that is the how our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ feel when we serve those around us.

Thank you all for loving and serving us.  Thanks for the prayers, gifts, cards and support.  We are so very grateful.  Miracles have happened and continue to happen for us.  Your prayers have been answered and we have been the beneficiary.

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