Mortal Showers Bring Eternal Flowers

Take Your Kids On a Picnic :)

October 19, 2014
Hello everybody,
I am doing excellent apparently.  And I am having a little bit of fun as I go.  Thank you for the prayers and the fasting and all the things that you did for mighty miracles.

I did not hurt, I didn’t get super sick or infection, I have excellent hand motion.  I am not on morphine. I get to go home tomorrow.

Special thanks to Armando and his friends.  Muy gracias. My best wishes towards them.

We are waiting on the pathology reports on the cancer they removed.  Please pray that the cancer will be 95 percent dead or more.

From Brian.

Its been a crazy week but good to be together as a family. Scott spent 8 hrs in surgery on Thursday which made for a long day exercising faith at maximum strength…pushing away bad or useless thoughts. For some reason Scott decided to walk into the OR on his own two feet. Afterwards the nurse stated in the recovery room ” I have never had a patient walk into the Operating room” When I asked him why,  he said ” I’m not broken yet “. The nurses, doctors,Stephanie and Scott walked down the hallway like a picture out of the movie “The Right Stuff” when the astronauts walk to the rocket. It was very powerful.
i want to walkI began to think of the Lords admonition to Joshua…”be strong and of good courage…I will not fail thee or forsake thee.”  (My favorite scripture by the way.) In the end the anesthesiologist  came in and said everything went well but apologized that she was not able to insert a nerve block pump.  We really hoped that they would be successful with that. My heart began to sink like Peter walking on the water. But we smiled and went forward knowing that the Lord would provide a way. In the end it has not been needed and the doctors are amazed he has so little pain .  We pray the tender mercies of the Lord continue. The next several days and nights we have camped out at the hospital. We have talked with many other families who have some pretty tough roads to walk and i am humbled at the love the Lord gives to all. Everyone here seems to look to the same source of strength in hard times….interesting what common threads we all share. Today Stephanie brought a lunch in a picnic basket we found at a thrift store several years ago. She is good to find ways to lure Scott outside for some fresh air and exercise. As we walk down the hall a little girl spies the classic picnic basket and walks up to Stephanie to ask if we are going to have a picnic. Stephanie says yes and the little girl stares starry eyed and says “I ain’t never been on a picnic.”  Hearts melt on the spot…..we wanted to abduct her and make a wish come true, but her parents are not nearby.  Maybe another day.
Things have gone well  but I know there will  be more challenges.  Please keep the prayers coming….and take your kids on a picnic!!!

nurse kt


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