Mortal Showers Bring Eternal Flowers

Couldn’t Be Better

October 18, 2014

Everything is wonderful.  Scott has had almost no pain. He is resting
in between nurse visits. 🙂 They have written orders to move him to a
regular room instead of ICU.  His hand works beautifully! He has
feeling and can move all his fingers in any way he chooses. His arm is
attached to a GIANT pillow to restrain movement. So we won’t have any news on how well his shoulder works for several weeks/months. But the surgeons were able to save a portion of the rotator cuff and 2/3rds of the deltoid muscle.  That is excellent news.
The next hurdles are that we wait for pathology reports to be sure
there is no cancer left.  And we pray for no infection and continued
pain control.  We are asking The Lord for a quick healing of his
incisions.  After we begin chemo in 2 weeks most healing is stopped.
So we want as much progress now as possible.

I am sorry to have kept you all in suspense on Scott’s progress.  We
want you to feel the peace and relief we have felt as we witness the
amazing progress and miracles The Lord has provided.  It almost seems
too much to ask, recovering so beautifully, almost no pain after the
difficult treatment we have given his arm, complete movement and
feeling. But The Lord has always given me more than I expected.  We
are consistently blessed beyond measure.
Thanks for your constant, prayers, faith and support. A special thanks
to our good friends in Mexico for their fasting and prayers this week.
There was a group fast of faithful saints in Elder M’s mission area fasting and praying for Scott this week.   We are truly a world
wide brother and sisterhood  united in faith.

I realize I continually repeat myself.  I am so very grateful for your
prayers!  Each and every one of them.  There are not words to express
the feelings of the heart.  Most sincere thanks to each of you.

From Brianna–
Things have gone well.  The surgery went well and Scott is in
recovering.  There does not seem to be as much pain as was expected,
Scott always was exceptional 🙂 He is however, very tired.  So he’s
been getting lots of rest, and thats good! I’m glad he can sleep well.
Because mom has given you pretty much all the information there is to
give, I will not retell it.  But I will echo her thanks for the
prayers and thoughts! You all are great 🙂 I added some pictures.  A
beautiful sunset from the day before the surgery.


There is beauty all around! 🙂

There is a picture of us right before the roadtrip back to
Tennessee for the surgery.
smilealso a picture of Scott, mom and I a few
minutes before they took him back to begin the operation.  As you can
see mom had to wear that wonderful outfit to be allowed to take him
for anesthesia.  It looks great on her! 🙂
surgeryI thought you’d like to see
that huge pillow Scott has to wear.  Around here all the docters and
nurses call them the “big ugly pillows.”
I am so glad to have my brother.  He inspires me with his continual
attitude of gladness.  There are bad days, but that’s all to keep it
in perspective.  Scott will always be Scott! Cancer will never change
that.  He only gets better and better, and he makes me laugh everyday.
We all have someone we look up too, Scott will always be one of mine.

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